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A versatile small wave/performance hybrid designed to excel in average surf to head high fun. The Monster consists of a flat rocker, nose to tail which adds easy planing and instant speed to your ride. A nice full outline, with the wide point sitting forward from centre keeps things forgiving when surfing off the front foot. Full boxy rails also create a very user friendly experience when surfing shifty, choppy wave faces summer can throw at us. A single concave runs into a double between your fins, which breaks up the water flow then pushes it into the slight vee running out the exit of the surfboard. This controlled speed & squirt combined with the added rail to rail manoeuvrability from the vee, makes for a fast & whippy feeling under you feet. The perfect board for a surfer looking for a good small wave groveller to a super fun stubby hybrid the advanced surfer can grovel small waves on and maintain a high level of performance. ride this board 3-4 inches shorter then your standard short board
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