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I was searching through my hard drive the other day, basically doing a big tidy up getting rid of files that i didn’t need etc.

Whilst i was doing this i stumbled across some old footage of my older brother Mitch. I totally forgot i had this and had even put it together into an edit and posted it on youtube. This footage dates back to 2010! Which is the year i started A C S O D. The board Mitch is riding is my 1st go at making a high performance shorty dubbed the “Robotic” which has now, over time with tweaks and listening to feed back has become our “Splinta” model today. I think this boards dimensions were 5’11 x 18 3/8 x 2 1/4.

Mitch would of been 20 when this was filmed making me 18 when i designed the board he is riding in the clip. This was pretty much the same time Mitch had just jumped on board with Stacey Surfboard (Lee Stacey) which turned into an amazing surfer shaper relationship, taking Mitch to the win Australian Junior Championship and also qualifying for the WLS World Tour in 2014 and are currently still working together today.

To see how far Mitch and I have both came in just 5 years is incredible. From working for other labels such as Super Brand surfboards to doing ghost shaping here and there for other labels, I now work for myself out of “The Glass Lab” factory, along side some of Australia’s best shapers which includes Lee Stacey, who has helped me take my shaping to the next level.

I hope you enjoy this little throw back clip as much as i did

Alex Crews.

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