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THE FOX 2019

Ive been in the process of updating the ACSOD range for 2019 and the first cab off the rank is the ever popular Fox.

So what are the changes? Ive increased the volume through out the model to cater for heavier surfers and also allow the board to be ridden shorter. This extra volume also increases a natural flow when surfing that helps generate speed effortlessly.

The exit rocker has been flattened to increase speed and drive whilst the entry has been lifted slightly. This keeps the nose out of the water and maintains manoeuvrability in the board.

The front fins are set further back then your regular thruster to cater for a 2 + 1 set up (twin fin with a stabiliser) or your favourite tri set. If you do run a thruster, you can expect a drivy - yet tight feeling due to the side fins being placed 1/2 inch further back the a standard thruster placement.

Then finally, the single concave is placed directly under the front foot / chest area, increasing forward momentum and added rail rocker under the front foot. Heading into the tail the concave transitions into a double concave that finishes with an pronounced vee behind the back fin. The double breaks up water flow and adds more control whilst the vee increases rail to rail sensitivity. All wrapped up with a new look black & red faded tint. I put these adjustment to the test under the feet of my brother Mitch and watched them come to life and am confident to say the Fox is better then ever. Check the Fox clip below and see the latest version of this modern fish do its thing.

Mitch rides the fox 5'5 x 19 x 2 1/2 - 29L with the Futures Fins JF thruster set in control tech.

You can shop the new size break here:

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