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It’s been a long time in the making but now it’s finally here and available for you to shred on. The “Two Fangs” twin fin is by far my favourite all round fun board I’ve made yet. The idea for this model came from me wanting a board to surf small shitty waves when we were in the middle of a pretty serious flat spell here on the Gold Coast. I had the idea to make something close to a keel type twin fin that would hold it’s rail and maintain speed. Most keel twinnys I’ve seen have had a tone vee from nose to tail, so I decided to add a slight single up front which transitions into a double concave right between your feet to create more lift and forward momentum, then vee’d out the tail to maximise rail to rail manoeuvrability. There’s also a pair of flyer I put in late on the rail line which also add a tone of pivot to your surfing, whilst the rest of the board outline stays pretty true to a traditional one. The first surf that I had on this puppy was insane. Instant speed right from the jump, she held her rails through carves and I could even release the fins and do an actual snap on the right sections. This has continued to keep me and my team riders stoked for the past 5 months while tweaking and perfecting this model. I hope this little rainbow beauty brings you the same amount of fun that it has for me! Available on the rack now at Kirra Surf and for custom order at all other A C S O D retailers.

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