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Recently team rider Sean Kettle has been buring around Bali on a scooter, hammering bintangs and surfing some of the infamous surf spots the island has to offer. Kettle took over a bunch of boards one being the new step down performer the "Street Stripper'. This model has been designed to have all the fundamentals of your favourite step down shorty. More volume, wider / fuller outline, flatter rocker. Weve added a few features to the standard step down to increase its performance when surfing waves with more shape and push. Lowering the rails for more bite and sesitivity along with a vee channel that added contorl and grip through maneuvers. So were better to test those changes then Bali enjoy the clip. Board specs below -

5'9 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4 - 25.84L

The "Street Stripper" from acsod on Vimeo.

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