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We love receiving good emails! Kelly Nordstorm is one of the local up and comers hailing from Clifton Beach in Tazzie! Recently he got hims self a new Ghost and Robotic for the summer. We received and email a few weeks later saying “Hey Alex
Boards have been going sick . Home has been flat so I went up the coast for a couple days . Surfed my Ghost at a couple small beaches and it felt real good . And then surfed that Robotic at some bigger point breaks and reefs and it felt unreal !
Thanks heaps mate”. Stuff like this gets us psyched more then anything, if you ever have pics or footage on our boards email it through to

Below are some pics of Kelly getting drained on fun right hand slab some wear in Tazzie. Kelly is riding his 5’11 Robotic which is perfect for such conditions due to the large amount of rocker and concave this model has. Check out the Robotic in our surfboards section for more info.

All images by Nicholas Fader | instagram: @nickfader

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