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At the start of the year i got to hand over the latest shooters i’d done up for my Brother Mitch. I did two boards and both were Ghost models. One being the current stock file at the time and one with a few tweaks which has now transitioned on to the racks of my dealers due to it surpassing the older files performance.

The changes.

The changes made to the model weren’t to drastic at all. I lifted the entry rocker, the transition through the belly is still pretty much the same with a lower exit rocker. I also took concave out whilst stretching it longer from nose to tail. Were the concave starts to deepen at the entry then fade out in tail, this now happens a lot earlier and later. Making a much larger sweet spot were you can just about utilise the whole board for speed. Theres also been a slight tinker with the fin positioning to add drive were there was to much release along with a touch more volume added under the chest. After testing we found the board has a lot more whip and rail to rail transition, added drive and hold when pushing hard on your back foot and effortless generation of speed.

Nothing i love more then chucking Mitch a board and getting such i high level of surfings feed back, something ill forever be grateful for and theres no better time to do it when were both on Chrissy holidays! Below is a clip of a few waves that have been on the ACSOD IG account and some that haven’t, show casing mitch on the updated Ghost. All files over Christmas Dec 16/Jan 17

(also theres a new size break, images below)


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