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I’m excited to announce the release of our latest research and development project: the “Ghost Tech” EPS construction. EPS surfboards are definitely in right now. I’ve seen more and more in the line up over the last year, so I decided that I wanted to create my own alternate to the PU surfboards that I shape every day.

What Is Ghost Tech?

Ghost Tech is a high density EPS foam blank with a traditional soft wood stringer through the centre. This is combined with epoxy resins and quad axial 4oz fibreglass infused with innegra, laid precisely to enhance the natural flex pattern of the stringer blank. This combination makes for a very well balanced EPS surfboard with highlighted enhancements and no unwanted flex surprises that stringer less boards can have. How Does It Work? At the core is the designed and shaped high density EPS blank. The benefits of this foam is the liveliness in average surf. It gives you extra lift and buoyancy under your feet which really benefits your surfing in the small stuff. After the board is shaped and sprayed with the signature Ghost Tech spray, it’s ready to glass. On the bottom of the board we use a quad axial 4oz fibreglass infused with innegra. Quad axil means that both materials are set at 45 degrees creating an X pattern on the bottom and the rail of the board.

This material runs from the nose, lapping the rail until 1 inch behind the front fins where it’s cut in an arc to balance the flex release and control twisting between you feet. On the deck we apply a second peace of Quad axil innegra cut in an opposite arc as the bottom layer. This laps over and connects the bottom lap to the deck and continues to cover the last 3rd of the board. This creates a livelier feel, quicker tail rocker rebound flex and maximum rail control. The X pattern construction properties of the Quad Axial creates a unique flex pattern that optimises a kinetic flex memory; which amasses energy and then releases it, delivering extra acceleration and drive during transitions (in and out of turns). After this we apply a layer of 4oz fibreglass on either side and the board is laminated.

Is the Ghost Tech construction only for the Ghost model?

We designed this tech with the everyday surfer in mind who battles with the ever changing conditions of their local break. So we chose the Ghost, our all-rounder model to be the test pilot for the technology as it’s a board the gets ridden in just about all conditions. Also the Innegra is white and has a ghost like presence on the board, thus inspiring the name. This construction is available across our entire surfboard range. What do I surf the Ghost Tech in? Depending on what model you decide to get, this tech will increase the liveliness of your surfboard. From our Splinta to our newest small wave machine the Two Fangs, this construction adds an extra spark to your surfing that PU’s can lack. Be creative with it and try one today.

Where are they made?

Just like every A C S O D poly surfboard, the Ghost Techs are manufactured at The Glass Lab in South Tweed Heads, Australia. All of our materials are sourced from leading Australian suppliers in our industry.

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