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We have currently been offer our Japan customers the opportunity to order the new board with original art drawn by myself and pictured below is the 1st order to come through with the request. It’s been a while sins I’ve picked up the pencil and i loved getting the creative juices flowing again. Drawing on customs is something i did when A C S O D was 1st started and it has had a big roll in the brand.

This offer is now available for the month of June to any of our Australian customers who want a piece of art added to the board.

How it Works:

You can custom order your desired A C S O D model as normal through any of our retailers or direct. And request to have the custom art drawn.

We are charging a set rate of $165.00 (additional extras like carbon, 5 fin etc will be charged as normal) extra for the work.

As for image request, this will not be available as the work will be and original 1 of 1 piece drawn by me in the style i like to do.

So if you interested in getting some original flare added to you next board June is the month to do it.


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