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Performance surfboards is the main focus of A C S O D. Its a very hands on industry were you get dusty and sticky during the manufacturing process, working with your hands to create a unique style of product using foam, resin & fibreglass. Its an extremely creative process were there really isn’t any boundaries to what you can make. Weather it goes or not is a different story, but you have built something that you purely wanted to create. A C S O D Apparel is my creative branch from the surfboards i design. Here instead of performance and strength being a focus, i get to use all the inspirations i get from outside of surf culture to focus in on style and comfortability. Blending the lines between a coastal lifestyle and a youthful and edgy street culture, would be the best way to describe A C S O D’s style. With our main message being to inspire un boxed in thinking and creativity. Just recently we did our 1st shoot for the small amount of apparel we offer now, with a sneak peak of a few new tees that will be available soon. This was such a fun and exciting project due to being able to bring the vision of A C S O D apparel to life. Each T-shirt and hat has been designed by myself just like the surfboards. All the way from the screen printed graphics to the size, cut & fit. After putting in so much time and effort to a product and seeing the vision of what it would look like on someone come to life, is just like seeing the finished out come of one my surfboards coming off the production line. Clean and fresh. Just like the surfboards were its a team effort between sanders, laminators and quality control specialists to bring each board to life, i had my good friends help with this small shoot. So a huge thank you goes out to my friends for helping me bring this together. I hope this gives you a good idea of what were about and inspires you to. Create or die. Alex Crews Photography: Kelly Hammond –, IG – @hammondrosekelly Models: Brent Savage IG – @brentsav, Tahalia Williams IG – @tahalia_w

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