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I’ve been shaping for 6 years – first as a hobby with my Dad, then seriously for the past 4 years. I’ve always been around surfboards. I watched my Dad shape, glass, f.c.s & sand every board he made for me as a kid, until I got on the planer and had a go myself.

The first board I ever made was the biggest piece of shit, but i was just so psyched on the fact that I was riding something I had made! After many more funky-looking boards, things started coming together! With my older brother being on the W.Q.S at the time, he and his friends were the perfect guys to get feed back from!

A few years later and my label is starting to blossom. Now my goal is to make my customers experience even better! Whether that be helping someone qualify for the World Tour or simply getting a board that paddles well and is easy to surf. I also want to add some spice to the industry. I get inspired by so many things outside of surfing such as music, art, fashion, photography, building, writing, skating, basketball and much more. I’ve tried to combine all of these things into one and what I came up with was ACSOD – Alex Crews Shapes Or Die! More then just a slogan, it’s a movement. A dedication to our customers, to inspire creativity and to think outside the box when it comes to surfboards and even surfing.

Alex Crews

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